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Hello Client October 2017, Issue 2  

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Disruptions in the business environment have caused economic shifts that destabilize global industries and companies. The challenge for enterprises in such scenarios is to create sustainable monetary conditions and leverage strong opportunities for growth and innovation at the points of technology convergence. Planning for long-term growth by focusing on technology shifts, business models, and market dynamics, as well as harnessing new areas for expansion, are critical components for strategic development.

This edition of our newsletter brings you an array of standardized and customized insights that will provide a full spectrum of innovative solutions, technology vision roadmaps and technology commercialization strategies. Also, identify ways to develop your company’s systematic growth plans and competence while ensuring its goals are met.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        This section presents the disruptions and innovations that are transforming combat vehicles, navigation satellite systems and the aerospace industry. Also, examine the emerging trends and new market opportunities in this space.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        Gain insights into the latest developments in the finance sector, including the impact of smart cities on the Indian economy, and the innovations transforming the fintech and life insurance markets.

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      • Digital Transformation

        Explore the tech advancements revolutionizing the information technology industry by gaining global insights on cloud contact centers, IoT, IP telephony, cloud computing, and much more.

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      • Energy & Environment

        This section helps you leverage the high-investment opportunities and emerging tech trends in major segments like lighting equipment, global generator sets, membrane bioreactors, oil and gas, etc.

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      • Automation & Process Control

        Gain insights on the latest business models, Mega Trends and strategies impacting the chemical and metering pumps landscape and also understand how IoT is creating a shift in the modern industrial market.

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      • Measurement & Instrumentation

        Identify the key trends prevailing in this sector and explore the major drivers, future business prospects and product areas that will bolster growth in the condition monitoring, T&M and electroless plating markets.

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      • Mobility

        Inspect the latest advancements, innovative trends, futuristic opportunities, and tech upgrades influencing passenger car sales, truck video safety solutions, and the transportation and logistics space.

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      • Transformational Health

        Gain comprehensive insights on the emerging technologies and key trends impacting major healthcare segments like Interventional X-rays, medical devices, CRO, telehealth, image-guided therapy and many more.

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      • Visionary Science

        In this issue, unravel updates on Vitafoods Europe 2017. Track growth opportunities in the African chemicals industry, human nutrition in North America, IoT in the PPE market, and more!

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      • TechVision

        The TechVision group covers leading technologies that fuel growth opportunities. In this issue, learn about self-healing materials, micro-LED displays, IIoT, robotics, urban farming, and more.

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      • Emerging Market Innovation

        The Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Index for Healthcare Attractiveness: The GIL-H Index helps identify go-to destinations for healthcare using a robust data-driven approach.

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      • Mega Trends

        Investment Trends Transforming the Global Smart Cities Funding Models: The market is set to grow from just over $900 billion in 2016 to $1.57 trillion in 2020. Get a holistic view of the Smart City financing market.

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    • Growth Opportunity Videos
    • Next Big Things
      • Visionary Innovation

        This section provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world in which we will live. This article covers how product quality can be improved to meet the expectations of clients. It also explores the significant factors for effective planning.

      • Industry Trends

        In today’s corporate world which is constantly evolving and proactively transforming to create growth prospects, companies need to scale across markets to achieve their strategic goals. This section highlights the latest technology trends, emerging market shifts and disruptive innovations that will help you stay ahead in a competitive environment.

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      • Stratecast

        Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing vital and objective insights and business solutions. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategies.

      • Top News

        Delve into the latest developments and innovative trends that are impacting market dynamics and shaping the competitive environment. This paper provides best-practice guidance and solutions on deploying secure content services that provide consistent, compelling user experiences.

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      • Events For You
        • Navigating Healthcare Transformation: Value Based Care, the Patient and the Technology

          Medical Technologies: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- The movement of care outside traditional settings is transforming medicine through connected health solutions. Develop a plan for partnering with various service providers to establish connectivity.

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        • Leveraging Customer Contact as a Strategic Asset

          14th Annual Customer Contact East: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Digital transformation is ushering in an era of unprecedented change in organizations, employees, and most importantly, customer contact and service. Be a part of this event to take your customer service to the next level.

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        • Manufacturing 4.0 In Action

          14th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit -- Driven by new, transformative technologies, manufacturing companies are now envisioning a future state for the manufacturing industry that will change the way how work will be performed, how companies will be organized, and how leadership must be led.

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        • Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

          12th Annual Customer Contact, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Competition is ablaze amidst disruptions. Are you driving your company to marketplace leadership? This event is a MUST if you need to keep pace with the advancements, know when to pull the trigger and get ready for the disrupters.

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        • Recommended Leadership Councils
          • About Frost & Sullivan's Executive Leadership Councils

            Learn how Leadership Councils empower industry executives with the leading data, hands-on practical experience and peer network to expand leadership skills and ensure continued growth as a high-performing leader. This whiteboard video clearly illustrates how these councils provide executives with real business solutions.

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          • Customer Engagement Leadership Council

            Join the minds that are shaping customer engagement of today and the future. We've created a powerful environment for continuous, year-round engagement with your executive peers through in-person and virtual events, site tours, curated content and research to help you navigate the new era of customer engagement.

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          • Growth Innovation Leadership Council

            Impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on innovation opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, marketing best practices, Mega Trends, and new business models. Members of this experiential learning environment will gain unlimited access to events, industry trends & insights through visionary thought leaders and more.

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          • Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council

            The smartest way to make Manufacturing 4.0 a reality is to join with executives already doing it. Build relationships with leaders in manufacturing to address critical issues companies face with M4.0. Monthly research, virtual meetings, and an annual summit, along with access to a powerful leadership group, will help you move forward.

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        • Innovation Insider