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Hello Client October 2017, Issue 1  

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The global industries are undergoing disruption on a large scale, triggered by the convergence of Mega Trends, new business models and innovative technologies. Implementing strategic imperatives, focusing on tech upgrades and creating intelligent business solutions are necessary for organizations to survive this impending revolution. Through our newsletter, we help identify the potential threats posed by the current state of industrial collapse and provide strategic insights on how to utilize best-practice solutions.

In this edition, explore how businesses can strengthen their strategies through our latest research studies and power-packed insights that can help them secure their position in an increasingly competitive environment by offering key predictions and growth solutions.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        Gain strategic insights on the futuristic investment opportunities, growth potential, emerging tech trends, and innovative advancements transforming the global naval shipbuilding, military UMS and port security fields.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        This group analyzes and presents innovative trends that dominate the global finance industry. In this issue, gain insights on Regtech and life insurance services and unravel the global trade space in Morocco.

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      • Digital Transformation

        New technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate and changing the way we work. In this issue, identify the digital trends that will impact various IT segments such as mobile B2E apps, biometrics and cybersecurity.

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      • Energy & Environment

        Unravel the latest advancements and value-add opportunities creating waves in home automation systems, electricity meters, municipal biosolids, construction, power generation and many other fields.

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      • Automation & Process Control

        This section highlights the most trending business strategies, disruptive technologies, key emerging prospects, and top market drivers revolutionizing automation services, manufacturing, and edge computing.

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      • Measurement & Instrumentation

        This research team provides global insights into the new market trends and emerging technologies disrupting the wireless sensors market, wireless network test equipment and data acquisition market.

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      • Mobility

        Discover the latest trends, new-age strategies, and innovations creating rapid shifts in transportation and logistics, commercial vehicles, adaptive steering and automotive navigation, and much more.

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      • Transformational Health

        Delve into the latest tech trends and top advancements redefining the future of major healthcare segments like hospital workforce management, healthcare IT, oncology diagnostics, sleep technology and blockchain.

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      • Visionary Science

        This practice will explain and evaluate the future of the Chemical, Materials and Food industry by analyzing key Mega Trends. Unravel market insights on agriculture, plastics, aerospace sealants, etc.

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      • TechVision

        This group focuses on disruptive technologies, innovations and emerging convergence scenarios. Topics covered in this edition include smart sensors, top defense tech, manufacturing advances, etc.

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      • Emerging Market Innovation

        Guatemala’s Macroeconomic Prospects, 2017-2021: This study highlights Guatemala’s prospects by exploring the country’s political, GDP, fiscal outlooks, as well as a newly formed Customs Union with Honduras.

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      • Mega Trends

        Disruptive Trends Redefining the Future of B2B Online Retailing: This analysis focuses on techniques to improve the efficiency of online operations and customer services to enhance future growth opportunities.

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    • Growth Opportunity Videos
    • Next Big Things
      • Visionary Innovation

        This section provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world in which we will live. This article covers how product quality can be improved to meet the expectations of clients. It also explores the significant factors for effective planning.

      • Industry Trends

        In today’s corporate world which is constantly evolving and proactively transforming to create growth prospects, companies need to scale across markets to achieve their strategic goals. This section highlights the latest technology trends, emerging market shifts and disruptive innovations that will help you stay ahead in a competitive environment.

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      • Stratecast

        Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing vital and objective insights and business solutions. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategies.

      • Top News

        Delve into the latest developments and innovative trends that are impacting market dynamics and shaping the competitive environment. This paper provides best-practice guidance and solutions on deploying secure content services that provide consistent, compelling user experiences.

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          Learn about the value of Executive MindXchange through the eyes of Faith, a corporate executive, who is searching for an interactive opportunity to learn and interact with her industry peers. This video reveals how an Executive MindXchange helps clients achieve transformational growth via an unparalleled event model.

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        • Impact 2025! Delivering Next-gen Customer Centric Care

          13th Annual Customer Contact, West: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Competition is ablaze amidst disruptions. Are you driving your company to marketplace leadership? This event is a MUST if you need to keep pace with the advancements, know when to pull the trigger and get ready for the disrupters.

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        • Engaging and Developing the Modern Intelligence Workforce

          22nd Annual SCIP European Summit -- SCIP will be the global organization of choice to enhance business decision-making and performance, and create competitive advantage for organizations. The SCIP event mainly focuses on professionals who are engaged in decision-influencing disciplines.

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        • Re-imagining Business, Strategy and Innovation in the Digital Renaissance

          12th Annual New Product Innovation & Development: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Transformation is all around us. Learn how businesses must adjust their product and innovation strategy to stay competitive and deliver winning products and services to the marketplace through this event.

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        • Building Peak Performing Sales Organizations: The People, The Processes, and The Technology

          Sales Team Alpine Retreat: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Through this event, Frost & Sullivan brings together a community of thought leaders, with the research and know-how to solve your sales force technology, productivity, engagement and management problems.

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        • Navigating Healthcare Transformation: Value Based Care, the Patient and the Technology

          23rd Annual Medical Technologies: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- The movement of care is transforming medicine through connected health solutions. Develop a plan for partnering with various service providers to establish connectivity ecosystems.

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        • Leveraging Customer Contact as a Strategic Asset

          14th Annual Customer Contact East: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange -- Digital transformation is ushering in an era of unprecedented change in organizations, employees, and most importantly, customer contact and service. Be a part of this event to take your customer service to the next level.

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        • Manufacturing 4.0 In Action

          14th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit -- Driven by new, transformative technologies, manufacturing companies are now envisioning a future state for the manufacturing industry that will change the way how work will be performed, how companies will be organized, and how leadership must be led.

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        • Recommended Leadership Councils
          • About Frost & Sullivan's Executive Leadership Councils

            Learn how Leadership Councils empower industry executives with the leading data, hands-on practical experience and peer network to expand leadership skills and ensure continued growth as a high-performing leader. This whiteboard video clearly illustrates how these councils provide executives with real business solutions.

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          • Customer Engagement Leadership Council

            Join the minds that are shaping customer engagement of today and the future. We've created a powerful environment for continuous, year-round engagement with your executive peers through in-person and virtual events, site tours, curated content and research to help you navigate the new era of customer engagement.

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          • Growth Innovation Leadership Council

            Impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on innovation opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, marketing best practices, Mega Trends, and new business models. Members of this experiential learning environment will gain unlimited access to events, industry trends & insights through visionary thought leaders and more.

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          • Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council

            The smartest way to make Manufacturing 4.0 a reality is to join with executives already doing it. Build relationships with leaders in manufacturing to address critical issues companies face with M4.0. Monthly research, virtual meetings, and an annual summit, along with access to a powerful leadership group, will help you move forward.

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        • Innovation Insider