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Changing Competitive Landscape in Wind Turbine Manufacturing
Economic 360 for China
Chemicals and Materials Market in Smart Grid Infrastructure
Taming the Frontier: Harnessing Social Media in a B-to-B Environment
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Hello Client, February 2012
Welcome to your personalized GIL Community Newsletter for February.

This month’s issue features exciting trends and ideas, and we can’t wait to share with you. Take a look at our 50 top predictions on global Mega Trends and a remarkable feature on the Innovating to Zero Mega Trend, driving companies to identify opportunities as we move toward a world with a vision of zero carbon emissions, zero crime rates, zero accidents, and carbon-neutral cities.

Rajiv Kumar, Sr. Partner and Global Vice President, shares insights for TechVision 2020, exploring technologies and innovations that will impact our lives and reshape our world in the coming years, while our Marketing Solutions section hits home to help you create marketing programs that attract, engage, and convert prospects. Find all this and much more in this edition.
Industry Coverage
Cross Industry Topics
50 Top Predictions

Frost & Sullivan analysts have identified the 50 most important global Mega Trends that will have the greatest impact on transforming society, markets and cultures.

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Kuala Lumpur | 11 Apr 2012

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London | 9 May 2012

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Moscow | 17 May 2012

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