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Today’s marketers face the significant challenges of identifying prospects, engaging with them and converting them into clients. Frost & Sullivan’s customized marketing solutions enable BtoB companies to move through the sales process and turn prospects into customers at an accelerated pace. We do this by providing an end-to-end turnkey solution built on the foundational principle that a strategically integrated program will yield the greatest return.

This issue includes an exclusive interview with Andy Burtis, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, McKesson Corporation, who talks about the quest for integrated, customer-centric marketing. Also, read through articles highlighting the challenges faced in managing an IT system and ways of moving IT beyond maintenance to true problem-solving.

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    Marketing Solutions

7 Critical Elements of a Successful Integrated Marketing Strategy

New marketing channels are appearing all the time, thanks to social media outlets and other digital platforms. At the same time, traditional outreach methods such as physical ads still have a big impact.

The growing number of choices gives marketers plenty of ways to reach their target audience. However, it also leaves the door wide open to one of the biggest problems in marketing today: fragmentation.

To make a lasting impact, marketing needs to communicate a consistent message to customers at every point of interaction. But with so many marketing channels, it’s easy to lose control.

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