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This section brings you best-in-class companies who have been recommended as Best Practices Award recipients and will be recognized at an upcoming Awards banquet. Frost & Sullivan acknowledges outstanding industry achievements by presenting these Awards to companies with the diligence and dedication to excel in the competitive marketplace. Best Practices Awards are entirely based on crucial marketing factors such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. These Awards enjoy worldwide recognition by the media, the investment community, and end-user markets. Learn more about our latest Award recipients.

Best Practices Awards Recipients

Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense - Award

Automotive & Transportation

    Automotive & Transportation - Award

Business & Financial Services

     Business & Financial Services - Award

Chemicals, Materials & Food

     Chemicals, Materials & Food - Award

Electronics & Security

    Electronics & Security - Award

Energy & Power Systems

    Energy & Power Systems - Award

Environment & Building Technologies

     Environment & Building Technologies - Award


     Healthcare - Award
     Healthcare - Award
     Healthcare - Award
     Healthcare - Award

Industrial Automation & Process Control

    Industrial Automation & Process Control - Award

Information & Communication Technologies

    Information & Communication Technology - Award
     Information & Communication Technology - Award
    Information & Communication Technology - Award
   Information & Communication Technology - Award

Measurement & Instrumentation

     Measurement & Instrumentation - Award
     Measurement & Instrumentation - Award

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