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     Global Automated Teller Machines Market
    Assessing the Total U.S. Radiology Informatics Market Opportunity
     European Nuclear Power Sector - Trends and Opportunities"
    ASEAN to become 6th Biggest Automotive Market in the World by 2018; Thailand and Indonesia Leading Growth
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Hello  Nov '12, Issue 2

Frost & Sullivan presents the following internal growth challenges from our career best practices team along with how to address these challenges. If you are an executive in marketing, innovation/R&D, corporate strategy, corporate development, sales, market research, or competitive intelligence, you will want to view these informative insights.

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Europe has witnessed a tumultuous year and has been in recession with sluggish growth. Some of the top performers, such as Germany, are also witnessing a slowdown. However, there are signs of optimism with industrial activity picking up gradually in Italy.

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Welcome to the GIL Community Newsletter!

Following our acquisition of Manufacturing Executive, we are proud to introduce a new section titled “Manufacturing Leadership Council.” Through this innovative section, we bring you the critical and engaging issues in the manufacturing arena that guide your business to help you stay updated with the current market scenario.

In this issue, we highlight how ASEAN will emerge as the sixth-largest automotive hub in 2018 as vehicle sales double and the benefits of the U.S. radiology informatics market to your business. Explore the key challenges and trends of the nuclear power sector gaining momentum in Europe, and find out how the emerging regional opportunities will shape the global ATM market.

Additionally, explore our Growth Team Membership Research section to learn how you can generate business solutions for your organization.
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