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     Global Economic Tracker - Insights and Trends
    Connected Infotainment: Advanced Technologies,
    Apps Paying Off for OEMs
     Better Together: How a CTO and a Start-Up Brought a Global Bank into
     the Mobile Future
    The Next Game Changers - Analysing the Mega Trend Impetus in
    Emerging Nations
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Hello Client September 2012

Frost & Sullivan's Chairperson ‘David Frigstad’ was interviewed by ‘Andrew Keen’ on 'Why Life is Going to Get Really Dicey in the Next Ten Years.' The optimistic chairman talks about the structural unemployment caused by the digital revolution and its disruptive nature in the business arena.

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Now, more than ever, there is a pressing need for quality global macroeconomic data on developed and emerging markets. Our Global Economic Tracker, with valuable insights and trends, will provide the opportunity for corporations to make informed decisions on how to drive growth in key markets of different regions.

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Frost & Sullivan continues on its mission to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s growth possibilities by acquiring Manufacturing Executive (ME), the first corporate-level global business leadership network in manufacturing. This unison promises acceleration in the pace of change for manufacturing organizations to thrive in a complex, constantly evolving manufacturing market.

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Welcome to the GIL Community Newsletter!

This month, we focus on the significance of securing your business-critical information, the need for the latest technologies that improve vehicle sales in the automotive sector, and economic development of countries that grow closer to the BRICS nations. Discover what is happening in the market today by checking out our Global Economic Tracker, which provides in-depth insights and trends in the industry.

Frost & Sullivan Chairman David Frigstad talks about the effects of the digital revolution in Keen On with Andrew Keen.

We also provide the top Mega Trends, thought-provoking visionary innovations, and other Frost & Sullivan events scheduled across the globe.
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