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GIL Community Newsletter Archive
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Effects of the Euro Zone Crisis on the MENA Region
Has Myanmar 'Switched On' Power Yet?
Will Europe Remain the Traditional Hub for Global Vaccines?
New Business Models Reshape the Hosted
Communications & Collaboration Market
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Hello Client August 2012

Now, more than ever, there is a pressing need for quality global macroeconomic data on developed and emerging markets. Our Global Economic Tracker, with valuable insights and trends, will provide the opportunity for corporations to make informed decisions on how to drive growth in key markets of different regions. Data and analysis will be updated to keep you up to date on the highly dynamic economic environment.

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A three-in-one cloud-delivered service, Wyse Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) includes Mobile Device Management (MDM), Wireless Cost Control (WCC), and Application Management. Of these three, Application Management, in Stratecast’s view, presents the greatest market opportunity for Dell.

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I define service like this: taking action to create value for someone else. Those are powerfully simple words. So consider the impact of an uplifting service culture, a shared purpose within every aspect of your business, interaction, and transaction, from the boardroom down through the front line, where everyone focuses on creating value for someone else, both internally and externally. Imagine the effect on performance, engagement, customer loyalty, employee retention, value, and competitive advantage.

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Welcome to the GIL Community Newsletter!

We are proud to introduce “Global Economic Tracker - Insight & Trends,” a new section that will help organizations understand the macroeconomic data in the market.

This issue concentrates on the impact of the Euro crisis on MENA regions, power fluctuations dampening Myanmar’s rapid economic growth, Europe’s hold on producing global vaccines, and the new business model that reinvents the hosted communications and collaboration market.

We encourage you to read our solution-driven Growth Team Membership Research articles, Economic Insights with state-of-the-art methodologies, and thought-provoking Marketing Solutions across the globe..
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