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Is Your Acquisition Integration Team Throwing the Deal’s
Value-Drivers Overboard?
Driving enterprise performance: Emerging developments in
Enterprise Information Management
The Middle Bulge in the BRICS Nations
Your Winning Edge: Human Software
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Hello Client July 2012

50 Technologies to Watch

Technology innovation fuels the growth and sustainability of the world's economy. Frost & Sullivan lists the top 50 emerging/disruptive technologies most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and even the way we live.

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Enomaly Spot Cloud: Trading Cloud Capacity like Pork Bellies

The Enomaly model offers a workable way to pool and exchange computing capacity from disparate sources worldwide. Even more interesting, this model provides a glimpse into the “Intercloud” of the future, offering a blueprint for the next generation of cloud infrastructure services.

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Devising a Service-Recovery Strategy

Whether you think you need a comeback or not, there is a formula that can uplift you and your organization in a heartbeat. It all starts in a place that will surprise you.

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Welcome to the GIL Community Newsletter!

As innovations grow in every industry, the GIL Community Newsletter makes sure to provide the most interesting research studies.

This month’s edition will shed light on various market insights, like how growth in technology leads to distractions while driving, Microsoft’s new establishment in the tablet market, boom of the middle class in the BRICS nations, and the importance of human resources for crafting a winning edge.

Take this opportunity to discover visionary innovations, effective marketing solutions, our chief economists’ ideas, and valuable tech vision articles.
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