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Hello Client April 2017, Issue 1

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Strategic innovation is a growth driver, especially in a competitive landscape where technological advancements, industry transformations, and customer expectations are revamping business horizons. With the advent of disruption, incorporating new-age technologies and innovative strategies has become a necessity in creating a unique brand experience and identity. Keeping up with these changes can be intimidating, but it is an investment that will add to your organization’s market value.

Also, monitoring and analyzing competitive intensity, customer dynamics, and emerging markets will provide an illuminating view of future scenarios as industries converge. Through this edition of our newsletter, explore the alternative approaches to value creation, develop distinctive capabilities, and leverage actionable insights tailored to empower your company to achieve growth targets.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        This group presents the latest tech advancements, opportunities, emerging trends and innovations stimulating growth in the aviation industry, home land security, military sales and commercial aircraft markets.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        Explore the top advancements in the finance and banking sector. This issue includes trending topics like the economic slowdown in China, US under the Trump administration, the Indian Budget, and so on.

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      • Digital Transformation

        This section helps you to gain insights into the latest tech trends and opportunities across various markets, that are impacted by technologies such as block chain, IoT and cloud computing.

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      • Energy & Environment

        This segment of energy and environment brings to you the latest advancements and value-add opportunities, creating waves in the diesel genset, water utilities, power generation and many other fields.

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      • Automation & Process Control

        Identify the key drivers, tech trends and disruptive innovations redefining the future of major market segments like global pumps, motors and drives, connected agriculture, commercial security and IIoT.

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      • Measurement & Instrumentation

        The Measurement & Instrumentation group provides global insights into emerging technologies and trends impacting the semiconductor, commercial security and optical comparators markets.

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      • Mobility

        Explore the key trends, new-age business models and innovative strategies redefining the future of the automotive aftermarket, autonomous driving, the connected car market, and eRetailing sector.

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      • Transformational Health

        Explore the latest tech trends and top advancements boosting growth opportunities in the major healthcare segments like molecular imaging, care assistance automation, medical devices and healthcare IT.

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      • Visionary Science

        The Visionary Science group provides global insights on the strategic business models and prospective opportunities revolutionizing the building materials industry, PET straps and workwear market.

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      • TechVision

        The TechVision group offers a suite of strategic services including emerging technologies and innovations, tech investments, roadmaps, etc. This issue covers Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and so on.

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      • Emerging Market Innovation

        Global Economic Outlook, 2017: Will global growth gain pace in 2017? What are the top economic trends of 2017? What are the most important economic predictions of 2017? Answer this and find out more.

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      • Mega Trends

        Technology Breakthroughs Shaping the Future of Financial Services: The financial services industry is on the brink of disruption, as the use of technology poses a challenge to market players and associated costs.

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    • Growth Opportunity Videos
    • Next Big Things
      • Visionary Innovation

        This section provides actionable insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world in which we will live. In this article, find out how we can achieve a culture of innovation with our embrace of the leadership mindset and help people realize their potential.

        Avoiding the Risk of Innovation Failure through a Culture of Inquiry: A Simple Self-Assessment

      • Industry Trends

        As advanced systems and new age technologies continue to evolve rapidly, global industries will witness disruption and transformation impacting the economy and its strategic growth. This section highlights the latest tech trends, emerging market shifts and disruptive innovations that will help you stay ahead in a competitive environment.

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      • Stratecast

        Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions.

        AWS Jumps into the DDoS Protection Party

      • Top News

        Delve into the latest developments and innovative trends that are impacting market dynamics and shaping the competitive environment. This paper provides best-practice guidance on deploying secure content services that provide consistent, compelling user experiences.

        Multi-DRM: How to Maximize Reach, Minimize Costs and yet Maintain Security

    • Most Popular Picks
      Homeland Security Market in the Middle East Reveals Ample Growth Opportunities
      Transformational Shifts Shaping the Future of the Global Autonomous Driving Market
      Technology Innovation in the North American Municipal Wastewater Treatment Odor Control Market
      Futuristic Analysis of the Middle East Commercial Security Market
      Opportunity Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Cloud Computing Services Market
      • Upcoming Events For You
        • Stop, Drop & Distribute: A Content Marketing Action Plan

          From curating and penning content, to selecting the best technologies to get the widest or most targeted reach, this event provides you with technology tools and tips for content curation and distribution including integrating third-party content and leveraging influencers in the community you serve.

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        • Leveraging Customer Contact as a Strategic Asset

          13th Annual Customer Contact, East: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange-- Drive customer experience as a key priority for your organization as today’s consumer has complex communication needs and must be proactively engaged in the delivery channels they want, and with the personalization they demand.

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        • Developing and Engaging the Modern Intelligence Workforce

          32nd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition-- This international conference emphasizes the skilled use of intelligence to enhance business decision making, consumer relationship, best practices and organizational performance that will give your company a competitive edge to solidify its long term success.

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        • Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

          11th Annual Customer Contact, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange-- Digital transformation is ushering in an era of unprecedented change in organizations, employees, and most importantly, customer contact and service. Be a part of this event to take your customer service to the next level.

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        • Manufacturing 4.0 In Action: Featuring the Annual ML Awards Gala

          13th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit-- The global manufacturing industry is entering an era of radical change. Driven by new technologies, manufacturing companies around the world are now envisioning a future state that will change the rules of competition and how companies will be organized.

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        • Mastering Digital Capabilities to Deliver Meaningful Outcomes

          18th Annual Digital Marketing: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange-- Embracing new and vibrant marketing strategies and tactics helps in energizing innovation within an organization. This event will help in mastering digital capabilities and smart solutions to deliver meaningful & measurable outcomes.

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        • The Revolution of Marketing and Leadership's Role

          Strategic Marketing Priorities: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange-- The event assembles providers of software and services to share their thoughts on what they see is working, and what is not, across the spectrum, which will help companies achieve maximum growth, long-term profit and sustainability.

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        • Digital Disruption: Realizing Growth Potential

          Growth, Innovation and Leadership: North America--Disruption is becoming the norm in every industry and in order to thrive, you must be able to spot the growth opportunities borne out of it. This event provides you with transformational and dynamic growth strategies to future-proof your business.

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        • Recommended Leadership Councils
          • See How Frost & Sullivan Leadership Councils Work

            Are the people in your world bringing new perspectives? Are they sharing insights from other industries? See how the unique format and proprietary model of engagement found in all Frost & Sullivan Leadership Councils will help you stay ahead of the trends in your industry and in touch with the most important network - your peers.

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          • Customer Engagement Leadership Council

            Join the minds that are shaping customer engagement of today and the future. We've created a powerful environment for continuous, year-round engagement with your executive peers through in-person and virtual events, site tours, curated content and research to help you navigate the new era of customer engagement.

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          • Growth Innovation Leadership Council

            Impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on innovation opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, marketing best practices, Mega Trends, and new business models. Members of this experiential learning environment will gain unlimited access to events, industry trends & insights through visionary thought leaders and more.

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          • Manufacturing Leadership Council

            The smartest way to make Manufacturing 4.0 a reality is to join with executives already doing it. Build relationships with leaders in manufacturing to address critical issues companies face with M4.0. Monthly research and virtual meetings, and an annual summit, along with access to a powerful leadership group, will help you move forward boldly.

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        • Innovation Insider