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Hello Client March 2017, Issue 1

Welcome to your UPGRADED & CUSTOMIZED GIL Community Newsletter!

Every day, the effects of disruption are driving industries to converge, profoundly altering the industry landscape, defining their value proposition, and significantly increasing their brand and demand. With emerging growth markets and new-age tech trends creating a challenge in the current business environment, it is critical to convert innovative strategies into action at the right time.

In an era of rapid changes, one of the steepest challenges faced by organizations is to navigate strategically through a period of industry transformations. With critical research services and vital information assisting in the development of visionary skills, it becomes necessary for companies to develop a growth pipeline that meets or exceeds financial targets. In this edition, tap into a vast array of growth solutions, high-investment prospects, dynamic market shifts and so much more! Plus, discover essential tips to improve your business and leverage the latest opportunities emerging in your sector.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        Gain strategic insights on the most innovative technologies, disruptive forces and integrated developments progressively shaping the aerospace logistics market, foreign military sales, IoT and UAS markets.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        This research group presents the trends, forecasts and opportunity analysis of various industrial segments such as car financing, fintech and infrastructure markets, mergers and acquisition activities and much more.

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  • Digital Transformation

    This section helps you to gain insights into the latest tech trends and opportunities across various markets, that are impacted by technologies such as block chain, IoT and cloud computing.

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  • Energy & Environment

    In this section, gain comprehensive insights on the municipal water and wastewater outsourcing, BEMS, substation automation, European membrane systems market, and varied key factors transforming this industry.

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