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Hello February 2017, Issue 2

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With digital transformation emerging as a disruptive force in the global industries, it is imperative for organizations to invest in new business intelligence solutions and strategic partnerships. Also, to succeed in this competitive landscape, firms should take advantage of the technological and economic benefits that will help monetize new opportunities for growth.

The impact of key Mega Trends and accelerating technological advancements will help identify prospective scenarios that will shape the future of your company. Therefore, it is vital that companies review their portfolio and build their innovation pipeline to be ready for the transition. Through this edition, gain insight on the most impactful and revolutionary market dynamics that will dominate 2017.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        In this section, gain comprehensive insights on the market dynamics, growth strategies and transformational shifts causing disruptions in the airline, ISR, cyber security and C4ISR markets globally.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        Frost & Sullivan’s Business & Financial Services group highlights the trends and growth opportunities emerging in various financial markets such as car financing, fintech segments, and the global automotive OEM industry.

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      • Digital Transformation

        This research group highlights disruptive opportunities rising with the development of cloud computing and also analyzes new-age advancements in web services, Big Data and fintech that can unlock future growth potential.

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      • Energy & Environment

        Unravel the prospective market scenarios and technological trends in waste recycling, Module-level Power Electronics, smart meters and more, for a range of business model innovations in this space.

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      • Automation & Process Control

        This section focuses on the latest tech advancements, such as big data and industrial IoT, impacting the valves, actuators and condition monitoring market. It also forecasts trends in the seals and pumps sector.

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      • Measurement & Instrumentation

        The Measurement & Instrumentation group provides global insights into emerging technologies and trends impacting the weighing equipment, mass spectrometry and analytical instrumentation markets.

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      • Mobility

        Explore the innovations, new business models and robust prospects evolving in the powertrain, bike sharing, bus transit and automotive markets, the future of electric cars, the Indian OES channel and much more.

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      • Transformational Health

        This research group highlights the latest trends, business models and growth opportunities in various healthcare sectors like medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, cardiac monitoring and behavioral health.

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      • Visionary Science

        This industrial segment focuses on Personal Protective Equipment, Omega-3 and personal care active ingredients, water treatment chemicals and others, featuring their disruptive impact globally.

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      • TechVision

        Build and implement strong growth strategies by leveraging disruptive technologies and emerging innovations in global healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, power and ICT sectors.

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      • Manufacturing Leadership Council

        This section enables you to identify the most pressing challenges and lucrative opportunities presented by disruptive innovation, by harnessing the collective knowledge of the brightest minds in the industry.

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      • Mega Trends

        Trump's Impact on Future Business in the United States: This study examines how President Trump’s top 10 policy areas will affect business and industries, both positively and negatively, through 2020.

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    • Growth Opportunity Videos
    • Next Big Things
      • Visionary Innovation

        This section provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world in which we will live. In this article, find out how the culture of innovation takes root as people challenge themselves with resolving the outcomes.

        Avoiding the Risk of Innovation Failure through a Culture of Inquiry: A Simple Self-Assessment

      • Industry Trends

        This section highlights the latest technology trends, emerging market shifts and disruptive innovations that will help you stay ahead in a competitive environment. Identifying, developing and leveraging innovation will give your company a competitive edge to solidify long term success and surpass your growth expectations.

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      • Stratecast

        Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions.

        Simplifying Migration to the AWS Cloud

      • Top News

        This section brings to you the latest industry happenings, developments, innovative trends, and best practices that are impacting market dynamics by creating shifts and shaping the competitive environment.

        Frost & Sullivan Honors the First Nepalese Billionaire, Mr. Binod Chaudhary with the Growth, Innovation and Leadership Award, 2016

    • Most Popular Picks
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      African Mega Trends Impacting the Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market
      • Upcoming Events For You
        • Innovating for Value in Healthcare: 22nd Annual Med Tech

          22nd Annual Medical Technologies: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange--This event helps in redefining the future of medical industry and your company in a time when change is the norm. Uncover the opportunities to capitalize on the new-age industry trends and transform your organization.

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        • Leveraging Customer Contact as a Strategic Asset

          13th Annual Customer Contact, East: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange--Drive customer experience as a key priority for your organization as today’s consumer has complex communication needs and must be proactively engaged in the delivery channels they want, and with the personalization they demand.

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        • Developing and Engaging the Modern Intelligence Workforce

          32nd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition--This international conference emphasizes the skilled use of intelligence to enhance business decision making, consumer relationship, best practices and organizational performance that will give your company a competitive edge to solidify its long term success.

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        • Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

          11th Annual Customer Contact, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange--Digital transformation is ushering in an era of unprecedented change in organizations, employees, and most importantly, customer contact and service. Be a part of this event to take your customer service to the next level.

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        • Manufacturing 4.0 In Action: Featuring the Annual ML Awards Gala

          13th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit--The global manufacturing industry is entering an era of radical change. Driven by new, transformative technologies, manufacturing companies around the world are now envisioning a future state that will change the rules of competition and how companies will be organized.

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        • Mastering Digital Capabilities to Deliver Meaningful Outcomes

          18th Annual Digital Marketing: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange--Embracing new and vibrant marketing strategies and tactics helps in energizing innovation within an organization. This event will help in mastering digital capabilities and smart solutions to deliver meaningful & measurable outcomes.

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        • The Revolution of Marketing and Leadership's Role

          Strategic Marketing Priorities: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange--The event assembles providers of software and services to share their thoughts on what they see is working, and what is not, across the spectrum, which will help companies achieve maximum growth, long-term profit and sustainability.

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        • Transformational Growth Strategies To Future-proof Your Business

          Growth, Innovation and Leadership: North America--Disruption is becoming the norm in every industry and in order to thrive, you must be able to spot the growth opportunities borne out of it. This event provides you with transformational and dynamic growth strategies to future-proof your business.

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      • Innovation Insider
      • Emerging Market Innovation
        North America Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 1 2017