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Hello Client February 2017, Issue 1

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In the relentless evolution of technology and markets, businesses all around the world are in the midst of, or are approaching, major reconfigurations of their strategic choices and the way they invest in emerging opportunities. Monitoring and analyzing customer dynamics, industry convergence, disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, and new business models provides a holistic view toward innovation-driven growth scenarios.

In the current economic environment, as traditional growth plans become oblivious, it is paramount for enterprises to master new insights and incorporate transformational strategies into their business plan to win in this robust environment. Begin your journey here, with this edition’s latest updates on key trends and big shifts taking over your industry. Plus, sharpen your business acumen by exploring how to leverage these big changes to your advantage.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        This section focuses on the evolving market trends, emerging prospects, and tech advancements impacting military training and simulation, the aerospace industry, cyber security and defense markets.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        This research group forecasts the technological advancements and developments across various industries including the chemicals & automotive industry, car financing and autonomous navigation segments.

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  • Digital Transformation

    This section helps you to gain insights into the latest tech trends and opportunities across various markets, that are impacted by technologies such as block chain, IoT and cloud computing.

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  • Energy & Environment

    In this section, gain comprehensive insights on the Integrated Facilities Management, smart grid technologies and buildings solutions, transformer market, LNG and varied key factors transforming this industry.

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