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Hello Client January 2017, Issue 2

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With the pendulum swinging from globalization to convergence, the rules of global business will change, creating a new wave of transformation that will alter the fast-paced social and economic trends of today’s competitive environment. The challenges and opportunities in businesses today are virtually all global in scope, and to take full advantage of this broad spectrum, companies should actively engage in transformations and embrace these evolving changes.

In this era of innovation and technological progressions, it is a prerequisite for organizations to comprehend the undercurrents of their industrial landscape and redefine their growth cycle to stay ahead. In this edition of our newsletter, we bring you a series of exclusive studies and insights that will help you make the most of these dynamic market transitions. Also, discover the emerging trends, innovative growth opportunities and best-practice solutions that will help shape your industry’s future.

    • Industry Coverage
      • Aerospace, Defense & Security

        This section highlights key trends, opportunities, and technologies transforming the aerospace and military helicopter markets, unmanned aircraft systems and the global missile defense sector.

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      • Business & Financial Services

        Frost & Sullivan's Business & Financial Services group features the emerging trends, opportunities, disruptive innovations, technologies and advancements transforming and driving this industry.

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      • Digital Transformation

        This research group highlights disruptive opportunities rising with the development of Smart Cities and also analyzes new-age advancements in speech technologies, Big Data and AI that can unlock future growth potential.

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      • Energy & Environment

        This segment focuses on the BEMS, UPS, VRF, Facilities Management, connected homes, and emerging water technology markets, disrupting the energy conservation measures drastically.

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      • Automation & Process Control

        This research group presents a dedicated approach to understand and explore the future of industrial automation products including assessment of market trends and opportunities.

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      • Measurement & Instrumentation

        This research team provides global insights into the new market trends and emerging technologies disrupting the analytical instrumentation market, condition monitoring sector and power generation and smart grids market.

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      • Mobility

        Explore the tech advancements revolutionizing the Automotive and Transportation industry, by gaining insights on Fleet Management Solutions and autonomous trucks market powering growth in this space.

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      • Transformational Health

        This research group presents the latest tech trends and developments in home health monitoring and pharma market, and highlights the growth opportunities created by cardiac therapies and robotic surgeries.

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      • Visionary Science

        This group provides global insights on the strategic business models and prospective opportunities revolutionizing the food and beverage market, omega-3 and architectural coatings market.

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      • TechVision

        The TechVision group highlights disruptive technologies and converging opportunities across multiple sectors, including microelectronics, nanosensors, etc., that will dominate the global scenario.

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      • Manufacturing Leadership Council

        This section enables you to identify the most pressing challenges and lucrative opportunities presented by disruptive innovation, by harnessing the collective knowledge of the brightest minds in the industry.

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      • Mega Trends

        The Next Frontier of Growth—Women as Corporate Customers: This study examines the evidence that addressing female consumers and harnessing the power of women in an economy will help yield significant returns.

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    • Growth Opportunity Videos
    • Next Big Things
      • Visionary Innovation

        This section provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world we will live in. This article talks about how new technologies enter our lives, our worldview changes, our conversations change, our points of reference shift.

        I Am Google Lady: A Child's Guide to Avoiding Obsolescence

      • Industry Trends

        This section highlights the latest tech trends and disruptive innovations that will help you gain an upper hand in your industry. Identifying, developing and leveraging innovation will give your organization a competitive edge, new market knowledge, solidify your company's success, and surpass your growth expectations.

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      • Stratecast

        Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights. This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions.

        Breathing New Life into Active Directory

      • Top News

        This section brings to you the latest industry happenings, developments, innovative trends, and best practices that are impacting market dynamics by creating shifts and shaping the competitive environment.

        Frost & Sullivan Honors the First Nepalese Billionaire, Mr. Binod Chaudhary with the Growth, Innovation and Leadership Award, 2016

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    • Emerging Market Innovation
      North America Economic Tracker—Insights and Trends, Quarter 1 2017