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The New New International Economic Order
Winning in an Uncertain World
Connected Car: Not Distractive Anymore!
Connected Car: Not Distractive Anymore!
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Hello Client, May 2012
The GIL Community Newsletter has broken new ground to bring you the best of growth, innovation, and leadership that will make your business unique. We are overwhelmed at the feedback and excited to showcase highlights on smart and successful market moves from a world of resources that deliver results.

This month’s edition features top picks in best-in-class solutions, the newly launched chief economist and economic innovation sections, exclusive blasts from the past, and updates from your preferred industry. Read on to frame your winning blueprint to success.
Industry Coverage
Cross Industry Topics
TechVision 2020 at
Frost & Sullivan's GIL 2012: Europe to Unveil 50 of the World's Most Innovative Technologies

Fifty of the most innovative technologies in the world identified by Frost & Sullivan will be unveiled at GIL 2012 Europe – The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Annual Congress.

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Frost & Sullivan Presents New Mega Trends at Bocconi Alumni Association in Milan

Partner and Global Practice Director, Mr. Sarwant Singh, presented Frost & Sullivan's latest findings at the Bocconi Alumni Association annual conference 'unTHINKables: The Imperative of Growth' organised in April at Milan on new Mega Trends and how these will drive growth and the creation of wealth in our societies in the future.

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Dan Sullivan Interview in
Frost & Sullivan's Silver Anniversary Newsletter
- A Trip down Memory Lane!

Future-oriented as it is,
Frost & Sullivan also has a history. It’s a history marked with strong character through growth, innovation and leadership to bring you world market research that makes a difference.

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